Hi Terrie,

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing facilitation you created with me yesterday. I feel so very blessed and totally FREE for the first time in my life!
Words can not describe my gratitude!

Much gratitude to Terrie for hosting one of the most life changing courses ever. Moreover, for putting so much of yourself into our expansion. Congratulations to all of for trusting enough to share and grow! Xo
When I first saw Terrie, I had an illness that was deemed incurable by the medical model. Within 7 sessions, I knew that my body was healing from that which had controlled my life for almost 20 years. I continued to see Terrie, to change the habits and thought patterns that were keeping me from living a life that had nothing more than stuckness, grief and desperation in it. My life has only become better and better.

Thanks for making this possible!


I met Terrie three years ago when I tried everything to have my apartment rented out. It had been sitting empty for 4 months and I was paying for two places at the same time. Desperately i came to her through a friend. i took five day workshop and worked on the old programs in my head that prevented me from living great life. Magically I rented out my place right after the workshop had been finished. I released so many conclusions about the property that prevented it from being occupied. We create our reality with the thoughts. Unconsciously we keep carrying the same patterns that not necessarily help us live the life we want. I also noticed other changes in my life. For example, I have been taking driving classes for 7 years, but was always scared to drive. It had been gone as well. I released all the ideas, judgments, thoughts, etc around me and driving. I keep discovering more and more and happy to have Terrie who can listen without judgement and accept me as I am, but help to make my life brighter and greater. Thank you Terrie for being you!

Nataliya Chernytska, Toronto, ON, Canada